Zero-Trust Across Cloud Providers, Infrastructures, and CI/CD Tools

Cloud Providers

By working seamlessly across cloud providers, Cyber Armor ensures a configure-once, run forever operational model in which the zero-trust created is agnostic to the underlying cloud provider or infrastructure. Workload and data protection policies and configurations stay constant as workloads move within or across clouds. Identity, key, or policy re-distribution or reconfigurations are no longer needed.

Orchestration Platforms

Cyber Armor is integrated with the leading orchestration technologies to provide seamless onboarding and ease of operation. Cyber Armor can be installed with one click on top of these environments to protect Kubernetes clusters, Openshift environments, or hybrid environments as well as the managed Kubernetes services provided by the major cloud providers. Any workload deployed in these environments will seamlessly be checked and authorized by CyberArmor.

DevOps and CI/CD

By working in concert with leading development and CI/CD tools, Cyber Armor assures workload identities from CI/CD to runtime. Seamlessly adding Cyber Armor to the CI/CD process ensures that everything running in the production environment is verified and authorized, preventing arbitrary code execution.

Service Mesh

Cyber Armor works in concert with service mesh to assure service-to-service authentication across environments. Cyber Armor utilizes the inherent mesh capabilities and enhances it with hardened identity that prevents arbitrary code execution and is bound to both network and data object access.